Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Kim's picks - week 38: FAUNA

Wow! What an amazing week, a visual feast of fauna!
The word resonate is often used by the admin team when explaining how we come to choose the pics for the week and in an attempt to make choosing pics easier I researched the word resonate a little further. Often referred to when talking about the echo or reverberation of a sound, I wondered how this could relate to illustrations and came to the conclusion that when I look at an illustration does it hold my attention for a length of time, do I dwell on it, do I think about it once I have moved on? With my choices for this week I think it is fairly obvious that I am an Australian as many of my pics are of Australian fauna, which I adore and I have certainly thought of them when away from the wall! I may be somewhat bias but I think we have some of the cutest fauna in the world!! Thank you all for a wonderful week, and to my Dad, enjoy the special pic just for you!

Paul Heppell

Leanne White‎

Nicky Johnston

Sarah Hart

Irina Zatica Trzaskos‎

Jess Racklyeft‎

Nicky Johnston

Patricia Ward

Diana Lynn

Amanda Hunt

Amy Louise Ruane

Annette Fleming

Belladonna Raudvee

Birgitta Eriksson

Bronny Boniface

Charu Jain

Damien Thomasz

Dave Liew

Diana Steven

Evon Lim

Jane Wallace

Janet Murphy

Janet Murphy

Jolanda Jarman

Joyee Neogi

Katha Schwarz

Katharine Harper

Liz Fairley

Lou Endicott

Mandy Foot

Natalie Daniel

Peter Hinton

Peter Hinton

Sharon Hinchcliffe

Shayne McCormack

Sue Rawlinson

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